Item: Bowfit Safari Exerciser
Price: $26.95
  • If you are going after the big boys,you'd better be prepared! Get ready for your hunt of a lifetime with the new Bowfit Safari Exerciser!!
  • The Safari Tube simulates drawing heavy poundage bows (80# plus.)
  • The super-heavy, rugged tubing is adjustable to give you a range of resistance. As you get stronger, it gets stronger!
  • The Safari Exerciserincludes the same upper body exercises found in all of our Bowfit Archery Exercisers.
  • The new Safari Archery Exerciser is like a Bowfit on Steroids!! We guarantee it will give you the best, most-realistic archery workout or your money back. If you don't improve your archery strength and drawing power after using this bad boy for one month, we will send your money back. Guaranteed! Are you man enough to try it?