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Archery Exerciser

The Archery Exerciser is convenient to use at home or in the field, weighs only 5 oz. and fits easily into a fanny pack or coat pocket.

Safari Exerciser

If you are going after the big boys, you'd better be prepared! Get ready for your hunt of a lifetime with the new Bowfit Safari Exerciser!

Archery Fit DVD

Strengthening Tips from the Pros is a video guide to archery strengthening and injury prevention featuring some of the top names in the industry.

Package Deal

This package offers you the Bowfit Archery Exerciser and the Archery Fit video both for a reduced price!


BOWFIT is a unique, compact exercise product designed to strengthen the upper body archery muscles. The BOWFIT simulates pulling a bow, so you can practice anywhere, anytime to increase your draw weight and hold longer and steadier on target. Included are easy to follow power-building exercises — guaranteed to improve your archery strength, performance and stamina!